Here are some links to places I like to go or find interesting.

I like yellow monkeys with purple stripesDave's site - an interesting site that never quite has everything spelled right. He's got monkeys there too. He introduced me to HTML.

Adam's site - La Maquina de Amor. His site is quite diverse and has some pretty cool links. His main attraction is the "That 70s Show" section. Oh, and sign his guestbook.

Bob's site - Bob is one strange guy.

Dan's Web O WatsonDan's Web o Watson - A very well designed site that literally has a ton of pics. Oh, and definitely check out the Joke of the Day section under Misc.

Abomb's page - Page of links and South Park Stuff... yet another of my many web disciples.

Anne's web page - I bet she never thought she'd be writing a web page... let alone something cool...

Purdue University - Where I go to school.

Purdue Web Development Organization - This is one of the coolest clubs on campus, as well as one of the newest.

DanelectroDanelectro - Danelectro is a guitar and guitar product company. They make really cool looking and sounding stuff. Check it ut.

Harmony Central - This is a great place for musicians to get information on new products. Also a great site to get guitar tabulatures.

The BGTD - The Band Guitar Tabulature Directory. This site offers an awesome alternative to OLGA mirrors. Many hard to find tabs can be found here.

The Chicago CubsThe Official Site of the Chicago Cubs - Da Cubs.

The Matrix - The official site of the movie "The Matrix." REAL COOL!!!

The Official Star Wars Site - When you can't quite remember what that creature singing in the cantina was... check this page out.

Sink the Titanic!!! - This is a site that is really serious about Star Wars claiming the title of #1 grossing movie of all time.

Back to the Future The Official Back to the Future Webpage - Must I say anything else?

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - A pseudo-dictionary of the language of the web.

The TerraServer - What would you do with 3 terrabytes of storage space??? Check out what Microsoft is doing with it.

Dell Computers - I have one. My parents have one. Don't be left out!!!

AOL Instant MessengerAOL Instant Messenger - Internet chat... the only good product made by AOL.

Winamp - The best way to listen to your MP3s.

Napster - Since you probably just went to the link for Winamp, you'll probably want to go here to get some Mp3s to play. - The swift arm of DOS.

More links to come!!!