Welcome to the programs portion of tonight's show... Here you will find our demented and explicit creations. This is a compilation of the programs that Dave and I have written over time. Although the collection may not initially be very large, it will grow over time and expand to uncontrollable popularity...of course.

If you encounter any troubles while trying to run any programs found here, please email me with a description of the problem.

Tic Tac This - The legendary Tic Tac This by TJ. Written initially in a high school programming course, it took the better part of two weeks in school and at home to complete. However, the original was lost due to a negligent backup. Luckily, after arriving at Purdue, it was rewritten in an amazing 3 hours.

The version currently featured on this page is 3.0.2, which has been updated with a more optimized coding style along with making the hyperlink open with the default browser. Oh, and yes, it's rumored to be undefeatable...Click here (88K) to try match your wit and skills against this collosal classic.

NEW!!! 7/2/00 Tic Tac Java - An applet version of the classic game... still rumored to be unbeatable...

Click here to play.

NEW!!! 7/2/00 Tic Tac Java for Windows - A Windows version of the newly developed Tic Tac Java. Utilizes the same back-end code as the applet version

Click here (21K) to download the program.

Chat This! - HAS BEEN REMOVED AND DISCONTINUED. The complexity of the program became to great for me to handle at this time. Sorry...

Coming soon... - A side-scrolling space game... with a few twists... Jimbo and the Space Invaders. To recieve info in the email about this crazy game, click here.

More to come

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