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A quick introduction and history. This is my band. Our main musical influences span from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles to Pearl Jam to Guns 'N Roses, just to name a few. It was started in mid-January of my sophomore year, after I was only a fledgling guitarist. We came together and after several name ideas we decided on "Tintagil." However, due to the pronunciation problems with this name, it was shelved. We then found ourselves involved in a prom fundraiser concert. Thus, the need for a name came up. And after much thought and concern, the name "Royal Blue" was adopted. It has ever since remained the name of the band. However, the band itself has undergone many changes. Our first bassist, Joe, was a great guy and a pretty decent bassist. The problem came around when certain disagreements about practices arose. He is still a great friend, and, in fact, a roadie for the band. That brings us to the present. Adam, Sparky, Greg, and I have been on a mission. That mission was to make the battle of the bands. On February 4, 1999, that goal was achieved. On March 12, 1999 the goal of playing well was achieved, unfortunately, out of five bands we didn't place in the top three. A little upsetting, but hey, we had fun and the crowd did too.

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