Here are the songs which are the Crown Jewels of this archive. We hope they can be enjoyed by all. In order to open these files you will need Winzip and an MP3 player. They are quite large in size, so it would be highly recommended to give yourself some time to download them. Please feel free to email your comments and feeling about these songs to

Killing for the Crown - The legendary song that started it all. Written back in the spring of '98, it represents a collaborative effort between Dave, Adam, and TJ in a beautiful masterpiece song about the ill-fated Macbeth. The sound quality of the song is noticeably diminished due to the effects of time and recording method of the song. Although a tape hiss is nonetheless present, adjusting the equalizer on your MP3 player should do the trick to revitalize the listening enjoyment of this timeless classic. Download it by clicking here.

Mind on Home - The second collaborative effort between Dave, Adam, and TJ culminates in a song written in the fall of '98. The lyrics and music were written with the help of Adam Brown, who played the bass guitar on Takes 1-3. An interesting fact is that Sparky played the bass on Take 4, which ended up being the final take of the song. Although no overdubbing was used on this song due to a short time frame, the song is amazingly clear and action packed for a song of its type. The theme behind the song is Homer's Odyssey and focuses on the main character, Odysseus. Very little adjustment will be needed to listen to this musical miracle, but satisfaction is all but guaranteed. Download it by clicking here.

Perfect Life - The third (and possibly final???) composition of the mighty three: Adam, Dave and TJ. Although this one was written primarily by Dave and TJ for composition class in the spring of '99, Adam contributed a bass line, deviating from his usual spot on drums. Sitting in on drums for this session is Sparky, the drummer for the epic band, Royal Blue. The purpose of this piece was to encapsulate the events of the '90s in a song-like manner. The song was never heard by the class. Listen to Perfect Life.

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